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Kpasman is a small password manager for the K Desktop Environment, influenced greatly by `gpasman`, found at Following the file format of gpasman, you can open and save the rc2-encrypted data files from either program transparently.


2002-11-29 - Added German translation generously donated by Christoph Thielecke, plus a Spanish one I made while fixing the translation build targets.

2002-11-28 - Kpasman has changed maintainers and I've released a new version, 0.2. The main changes are an upgrade to KDE 3, docking, and a few bug fixes. Mail me for questions or bug reports. I've not yet updated the CVS cause it will be messy to do, I'll do it eventually.


Version 0.1, released 1999-10-03

Version 0.2, released 2002-11-28

HTTP Translations for 0.2 These will be included in the distribution in the next release, for the time being they are offered here. To use them just copy the GMO file to the KDE locale directory, i.e. -> $KDEDIR/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

The second snapshot is with the window locked - locking the window forces the password column to be hidden. When the window is unlocked it will restore the password column to it's previous state/size.



Main features are:


2002-11-24 Pedro Romero 
        + added hide action
        + Added --nodocking cmdline option
        + Fixed session management.
        + Added simple drag and drop.
        + Added autolock on hide.
        + Added minimal docking support.
        + Removed broken SDI code.
        + Made it remember screen position.
        + Made it lock/unlock at app level.
        + Made all columns except password autoresize
        + Changed QLineEdit into KPasswordEdit where appropriate.
        + Added View/Hide menubar.
        + Changed View into a KListView / KlistViewItem for alternating
        + Added 'about' info.
        + Ported to KDE3/Qt3. Old menu/statusbar/toolbar stuff replaced by actions.
          Old KDevelop-based dialogs replaced by Qt-designer .ui dialogs. Changed
          old custom Recent Files into recentfiles action. Etc.

1999-11-09 Troy Engel 
	* add dynamic load/save buffer lengths
	  (Wolfgang Rohdewald )

1999-10-14 Troy Engel 
	* fix view/hide bug

1999-10-03 Troy Engel 
	* Kpasman 0.1 released


Version 0.2, 2002-11-24
	* get rid of stale C file code, port to Qt
	* open last used file?
        * plaintext saving?


Troy Engel - creator

Pedro Romero - maintainer

Kpasman contains sourcecode from the following:

rc2(c) by Matthew Palmer
gpasman(c) by Olivier Sessink